I am a resident of Western Massachusetts with formal education in computer science and regional planning. I am interested in improving my neighborhood and my region through small-scale investments in real estate and worker-owned businesses. My hope is to create more walkable and vibrant places where everybody owns a stake in their community and lives dignified lives. As I gain more experience, I will update this website with new content.

The following are three local and national organizations I follow and support:

  • Strong Towns at https://www.strongtowns.org/: A national urban planning think tank that promotes bottom-up approaches to create fiscally sustainable and equitable communities.
  • Wellspring Cooperative at https://wellspring.coop/: A community development corporation and incubator of worker-owned cooperative businesses in the Greater Springfield area.
  • Western MA Regenerative Food System at https://wmrfs.com/: A relatively new organization that promotes regenerative agriculture and other solutions to improve the overall food system for both people and the ecosystem.